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  • A new dimension in mold making, casting and replicating directly from original art pieces.
With over 25 years of developing vacuum forming equipment and plastic products Belovac equipment manufacturer has worked with 100s of production oriented companies in the development of formed plastic and flexible casting tools. The following examples of products are mass produced in these tools. Create cement molds, concrete molds, ABS concrete molds, polypropylene molds, stepping stones molds, pavers molds, ceramic molds, plaster molds, and candy molds.
Form-A-Mold Fast Tract Business System  

With the years of experience and the understanding that there is a vast interest by the home and small business entrepreneur, we have developed our C-Class plastic molding equipment developed to meet most budgets.

Think of the possibilities of taking a piece of designed artwork and placing it on a machine to produce hundreds of hi detail inexpensive casting tools quickly.

Molded forms can be used to produce products you see, use, and purchase daily. These products are made from many different materials, yet they have one thing in common, they are all made in a casting mold.

FAM offers full technical support and trade secrets of how to; and were important supplies such as proprietary molding plastics and hi tech inexpensive casting materials can be purchased. This information is backed up with hours of DVD training and tech hot line assistance.

These pouring tools will out perform old fashion silicon tools many times over. This method offers rapid duplication for multiple casting tools offering high production capabilities on a budget. Cement, plaster, ceramic, confections, chocolate, wax, expanded and hard cast urethanes are the most commonly used materials.

F-A-M is a mold forming equipment series that offers an inexpensive  alternative to costly silicone casting molds; utilizing polypropylene and ABS plastics. This method offers a highly flexible detailed casting alternative that can be molded from any created object.

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Examples of Art Reproduced on a F-A-M  Forming System
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As far back as the Egyptian Pharaohs, the casting of cement and gipson materials has existed. The castings of plaques and statuary have endured for centuries being appreciated for many generations.

F-A-M provides mold making equipment that offers sculpture artist the unique ability to rapidly duplicate a detailed copy of original artwork utilizing a process know as vacuum forming. This method provides flexible casting tools or plastic copies molded directly from concrete, cement, ceramic, clay, plaster, and wood art work. Duplicate artwork and create vast amounts of cement molds, concrete molds, ceramic molds, clay molds, and plaster molds.

Through out the centuries, historical artisans have recognized the the importance and profitability of preserving and duplicating castings of original art.

Examples of Architectural Reproduced on a F-A-M Forming System

Double Sided Mold for Pillars

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Fire Places

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Architecture has been around since man could build. Its everywhere you look in society today. The jobs you work at, the mall you visit on the weekends, and the church you attend every Sunday. Every building you see world wide is considered as architectural design. Some are more elaborate and then you have some that are simple.

F-A-M offers architects the unique ability to rapidly duplicate a detailed copy of original artwork utilizing a process know as vacuum forming. This method provides flexible casting tools or plastic copies molded directly from concrete, cement, ceramic, clay, plaster, wood and original architecture.

As an architect you can re-create your architecture with cutting edge simple vacuum forming. Take your original architecture and make a mold to cast hard cast urethane, expanded polyurethane, gipson, wood, concrete and cement to make copies of your artwork. Duplicate architecture and make cement molds, concrete molds, ceramic molds, clay molds, and plaster molds that are exactly identical.

Examples of Stepping Stones Reproduced on a F-A-M Forming System
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Stepping-stones and pavers have been around for thousands of years. The Romans built their first highway in pavers over 2000 years ago. Since then pavers have become extremely popular. In Europe itself, there are 25 sq ft of pavers for each person.

The beauty of stepping-stones and pavers can be found worldwide. It has become an art in itself and provides an profitable form of stone arts and crafts.

F-A-M forming systems offers the unique ability to rapidly duplicate detailed casting molds from created or existing pieces. Hundreds of cement / concrete stepping or pavers molds can be produced per day with a cost of less than 75 cents per tool. The market for these stones and reusable tools is estimated to be a 15 billion dollar a year industry. The market opportunity not only includes construction ready pavers, but also mutable sets of molds sold for on site casting. This saves thousands to the home owner and contracted construction project. This system allows you to make your pattern and turn it into cement molds and concrete molds.

Equipment Model BV C Class 24X24

Examples of Cement and Garden Products
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Examples of Signs and Lettering Reproduced on a F-A-M Forming System
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Everyday thousands and thousands of businesses are opened world wide. Every business owner knows that a good well designed sign attracts business.

F-A-M offers sign makers or home business owners the unique ability to rapidly duplicate a detailed copy of their original sign and formed plastic lettering utilizing a process know as vacuum forming.

High quality three dimension plastic letters and logos can be vacuum formed utilizing MDF board patterns. Purchased formed sign letters that can be quickly back filled with epoxy resin creating a reusable tool to reproduce thousand of highly profitable plastic sign letters. These sign letters can be made in various sizes and fonts which are considered public domain and can be purchased and copied at will.

F-A-M sales package includes Model C Class 24x24 letter forming equipment engineered for care free operation suitable for home or plant operation. 220 single phase or three phase 40 amp circuit vacuum forming equipment specifically for the production of formed letters.

  • Available with equipment purchase: Suppliers list; A where and how !

A list of over thirty companies that sell pre-formed lettering, logos and other sign related products and a video with training technique covering plastics forming and finished product application.

Examples of Candy and Wax Reproduction on a F-A-M Forming System
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Chocolate molds have been around since the 1880s. Trends in mold designs reflect the history of times. Candy designs and molds mirror social changes over time. The fads and fashion trends of each era can be clearly seen in their chocolate. Confectioners reproduce objects from life as realistically as possible.

F-A-M offers candy and wax confectioners the unique ability to rapidly duplicate a detailed copy of original artwork utilizing a process know as vacuum forming. This method provides ;flexible casting tools or plastic copies molded directly from original artwork or collected originals. Re-create from widely available originals or your created originals moldsThe process of casting chocolate, candy and wax are highly sought after. To sale these casting tools is extremely profitable.

Image loading - Chocolate Molds - the book This book along with a list of others allows you to purchase different molds that are not copyrighted. This would allow duplication of these molds freely without any penalties.
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Belovac a subsidiary of Formamold, is proud to announce our 5 year product anniversary, the 2011 Model BV C-Class Post and Beam Equipment Series, with the ease of operation and reliability expected from a Belovac this model still offers the best value in the industry.

With over 700 units Operating world wide, and millions of consistent plastic components produced yearly, this model is proven to be a powerhouse of Vacuum Forming capabilities .... designed for entry level, and production-minded consumers.

shipping cost: shipped completely operational and ready for production, the advantages of the post and beam engineering technology, allows for the removal of the rear oven track station offering a substantial 50% savings in shipping over similiar equipment.

Regular Price: $10,500.00 - Current Sale Price $7,900.00
Ending SEPTEMBER 1st.
*Speak to your sales rep for current promotion pricing
Model BV C-Class 24" x 48" (61 x 122cm)
Heavy Guage Vacuum Forming Equipment Series
Please allow load time for equipment animation below.
Equipment Specifications:
  • Sheet size 24x48 (61 x 122cm) (Custom sizes available at request)
  • Depth of draw 18 inches
  • Fully adjustable material clamping
  • Tooling table: 3 1/4" (8cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder 300lb (136kg) seal pressure with adjustable slotted track for rapid tool mounting
  • Solid state programmable heat timing unit, coupled with programmable percentage control unit
  • Heater Panel: 20,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option
  • Vacuum Pump: High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 20 Gallon surge tank
  • Construction: Post and Beam, Modular Frame System

  • Recommended for plastics  ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene- kydex - Poly propylene
  • Plastic gauges up to 1/4" (.64cm)

  • Electric Requirements:
  • Power requirement: 220 three phase 40 amps
C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Vacuum Former
High-Detail, Heavy Guage Vacuum Forming at an economical price
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C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Vacuum Former with Overhead Assist
Recommended for inverted tools, deep draw pockets, multiple tool forming, outer-pinch mechanism
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Infared Heater Panel
Featuring: 15,000 Watts of 0 - 100% Heat Controlled, wired with Size-down option switches for smaller sheets
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High Detail Plastic Precast Molds, Stone Pavers, Park Benches, etc.
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Paver Stones
Difficult High Profile Plastic Parts
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